On-line surveys now offer much greater speed and cost-efficiency than traditional research methods.

Our quantitative research armoury has grown rapidly in recent years - our leading-edge on-line, mobile and e-mail-based surveys allow us to get to customers quicker, achieve faster responses and reach a much greater number of consumers at a significantly lower cost than before. Our technology means that we can now incorporate images, audio and video, making this a particularly successful means of testing advertising and other promotional material.

To carry out an on-line survey we will often use client databases. If a client database is not available, or would be inappropriate for the purpose of the survey, we can use our own panel or those of our partners to give us virtually world-wide coverage in over 26 languages and 200 countries.

We also offer qualitative methods including:

  • Online focus groups (OLFG)
  • Bulletin boards
  • Community forums
  • Online communities
  • Website analytics

Talk to us today about how the latest technology could help you to get closer to what your customers are thinking. It may cost far less than you thought. Please call or contact Duncan Swan for more informaiton.

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