Street & Hall Tests

Understanding consumer reactions direct from a real high street near you

Wherever your consumers are; In-store, on-street, in-home, in-pub/bar, at events... our flexible interviewing teams across the country are willing to work around the clock seven days a week. Our face to face interviewing covers a range of themes including new product development (NPD), packaging, pricing, Usage and Attitudes, Advertising testing and many more.

One of the best ways of getting feedback from consumers, is to catch them while they are out shopping on the high street. Hall Tests or Central Location Tests involve the hiring of a venue where shoppers from the adjacent streets are asked to participate – incentives are often used to encourage this involvement. The participants are then asked to try a product or concept, giving their immediate reactions and feedback. Depending on the research, these interviews may also be carried out on the street. Either way, this methodology does provide immediate insight in support of the product development and promotional process.

Although the results are usually quantitative, the face-to-face opportunity can also be used to provide more in-depth data regarding shoppers’ opinions and the decision-making processes involved. If you would like to talk about the most appropriate methodology for your research, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk it through.

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