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Cost-effective qualitative and quantitative product testing

A ‘real life’ environment is the best way to test most products - this can be in-home, at work or in an aeroplane! The real-life situation allows others (e.g. family members) to influence reactions and decisions. Our expereince has shown that others can be instrumental in blocking further purchases, even if the main shopper likes the product (ie some products many need to be approved by the whole family).

Our range of product testing methods include: monadic, proto-monadic or comparison tests, branded or blind, to suit your specific requirements. Typically, in food and drink we can undertake full organoleptic testing providing diagnostics that will enable your technical team optimize the product, as well as measure propensity to purchase both before and after trial.

We also have a national product testing panel of households that have been pre-screened and from which an appropriate target sample can be drawn to test your products. We can also recruit a bespoke consumer sample either through our field interviewing team, or for hard to reach groups recruitment can either be made online or through another bespoke method.

For further information, see ProductProbe or contact Duncan Swan for more informaiton


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