Packaging & Design

Packprobe: measuring the effectiveness of designs at the subconscious level

Advertising campaigns may come and go: packaging is the silent long-distance runner.

At the point of sale it’s the pack, not the product, that is visible. In this way, the pack becomes the product and the advertising in one... if it lacks appeal, quality and credibility the product itself will be seen in the same light. The whole marketing programme can therefore, rest on the packaging. If the advertising is poor, it wastes money, but a bad package - one that does not appeal and, therefore, does not sell - is a disaster.

A pack can have these effects because it has a number of attributes, or dimensions. It varies along a number of physical dimensions (weight, size, texture, colour), visual impact (standout and recognition) and psychological dimensions (modern or traditional, fresh or stale, appealing or repellent). If a pack is high on the right dimensions, the product has the potential for success. Weaknesses on any of these dimensions will lead to failure.

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