Usage & Attitude Surveys

Achieving an understanding that can underpin strategic direction

Usage and Attitude surveys (U&A) will take stock of your market and give you an opportunity to thoroughly review your product or service within its marketplace so that you can understand its appeal, strengths, weaknesses and any gaps in the offering. It will also give you insights regarding brand perception and help you evaluate how well your product is known within the market.

The wealth of data collected means that the U&A can be statistically and cross- cut in many ways using, for example, age, gender, educational and socioeconomic factors. The Study will give you an objective appraisal of the current situation and may identify specific challenges for the product or brand in the longer term which will need to be addressed strategically. The U&A can then become a base against which progress and trends are tracked over time with future studies. This is not a continuous tracking tool, rather a major review, which we would normally carry out for clients every 2 to 3 years, so that the results and recommendations can be built into the strategic planning process.

Some of the benefits of a Usage and Attitude survey are that they provide:

  • The who-what-when-where-how dynamics of your category or market
  • Identify brand loyalty and what drives it (i.e. key driver analysis)
  • Understand how behaviour and usage changes by brand
  • Why consumers buy specific brands (and what is distinctive about these consumers)
  • Identify any gaps between needs and performance (opportunities)
  • Brand evaluation against competitors
  • Lifestyle, media consumption, attitudes – provide detailed analysis opportunities
  • The basis for a customer segmentation study

If you think that a U&A Study may be what you need, please give us a call. We’d be happy to talk it through and give you whatever further information you may need.

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