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Focus groups are used to obtain detailed and specific information about a particular topic and are generally conducted in homes and venues across the country, but more recently they are being conducted online. They are particularly useful for exploring attitudes and feelings and uncovering issues that may be hitherto unknown or to explore and develop new product concepts and services.

A focus group is usually composed of eight to ten participants who are brought together to discuss a clearly defined topic. Group dynamics allow the free exchange of ideas, views and opinions. This interaction, controlled by a moderator, provides a depth of information and views beyond what is achievable in a one-to-one interview.

Heawood's team of experienced moderators have facilitated a wide range of consumer groups on behalf of FMCG, retailers, manufacturers and service providers.

Avoiding the bias and influence of others is one of the main difficulties with groups – and in order to get a stake in the ground we use the Quizdom handheld remote for collecting feedback on specific or exploring sensitive issues (e.g. reactions to advertising or collecting information on sensitive subjects).

Furthermore, we have an expert team of recruiters who ensure that the right respondents are invited to the discussion group.

Viewing facility benefits - without the cost

Focus groups often take place in viewing facilities so that clients are able to view the discussion from behind a one way mirror. However, the cost of hiring such a facility can be prohibitively expensive.

So that our clients can be involved at significantly less cost, we have digital CCTV and video equipment that enable us to facilitate groups in almost any location, allowing clients to watch the discussion 'live' - just as if they were in a viewing facility. The success of this methodology is proving so popular, that many of our clients now insist on it.

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